WorkEDout Campaign

What is workEDout?

WorkEDout is a campaign I co-run with my friend and fellow FitPro Carly Wilkinson at Project HB which aims to open up the conversation around Eating Disorders within the fitness industry.

Carly was the incredible professional (now incredible friend) who made me feel safe enough to disclose my Eating Disorder history with in those early days of recovery. Doing so enabled me to explore movement safe in the knowledge that someone was ‘looking out’ for me, and safe in a space free from diet culture.

Navigating this journey together opened up numerous conversations and our campaign was born in a bid to encourage others to speak openly about Eating Disorders too.

Leah and Carly – read their story

What do we campaign for?

Carly and I want to EMPOWER fitness professionals to:

1. RECOGNISE the signs of eating disorders in clientsby furthering their education

2. APPROACH clients sensitively & confidently, when there is concern

3. REFER clients who require specialist support to the necessary services, in a way which feels authentic to the instructor-client relationship

Through all this, we also want to make those suffering from eating disorders feel more comfortable in approaching fitness professionals, safe in the knowledge that they will be supported appropriately. 

Want to see what we get up to? Head to our website.

Leah and Carly on ITV news speaking about the campaign

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