On-Demand Workouts

Welcome to my on-demand space! Here you can find classes and movements to suit you (whatever time of day, wherever you are!)

I really believe in an on-demand service because I value the freedom to find something you *feel* like doing, exactly when you *feel* like doing it. Sometimes, I wake up having booked into a class, and my body is saying “not today plz!”.

The joy of on-demand means you can wake up, check in with your mind & body and either choose to snooze that alarm completely, OR mooch outta’ bed and choose a class which suits e x a c t l y how you feel in that moment.

How does it work?

You can find my on-demand service below (simply create an account and get started!)

Link not working? Click here instead and it’ll take you directly to the list of available videos. Choose which one you fancy, make your payment and you’ll get access to the video there and then!

Each week, my live Rise up: Resistance class will be uploaded for you to watch on-demand, and I’ll be regularly adding to my library with dedicated recordings just for this space!

You can access your video for 48 hours after purchase.


Okay, so you’ve purchased a class (thank you!) and now you’re ready to go (YAY!) Please can you do me (and yourself!) a favour and remember the following:

  • This is a recording, therefore no-one can see and support you in your movements…if it doesn’t feel ‘right’…STOP! Don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with just because I’m (virtually!) suggesting it.
  • ALWAYS drink water (don’t rely on me to remind you…I am USELESS at this basic task!)
  • Rest when you need to (and remember…we ALL need regular rest).
  • Stop when you need to.
  • Speak to a health professional if you experience any pain, discomfort, nausea, dizziness, chest pain, shortness of breath etc. Please do let me know too, although remember that I’ll only be able to support you within my professional remit.

Mostly. Don’t forget that movement is here to be E N J O Y E D . If that’s not what you’re experiencing…check in with yourself and others as to what’s the reasons behind that. Our bodies want to move somedays, other days they want (and need) to rest.

We back our bodies (ALWAYS), right?!

Got a question? Get in touch I’m just here at the other end of the screen!

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